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Virtual ICEC State Fall Convention 2021

Dates: Thursday, November 4, Friday, November 5 and Saturday, November 6

Deadline for Poster Sessions and Presentation Proposals: Friday June 18, 2021

Theme:Collegiality and Best Practice in the Spirit of Elizabeth Farrell”

Application forms for poster sessions & presentation proposals: Presentation Proposals
Electronic submissions should be sent to:
Attendees: Professionals and advocates in the field of Special Education.
Topics: Evidence based strategies and methods of teaching / co-teaching / collaborating with team members. Shares of evidence-based curriculum in these areas: Transition, S.T.E.M. /S.T.E.A.M, Problem Based Learning, Math and Literacy, Diversity and inclusion, evidence-based practices, and Accessibility.
Presenters must provide their own projectors, laptops, equipment, easels, etc. for their presentation.
Poster session presenters:  Please remember you will be using an easel, make sure your poster is able to sit firmly.
Presentation Proposals