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How to Organize a New CEC Student Chapter or Reactivate an Inactive Chapter

The Illinois CEC strongly encourages, but does not require students in a student chapter to join CEC.  Any student is able to be active in and a member of an Illinois CEC chapter.

To become members of CEC at the lower student rate, CEC defines qualifications as:

Students must be enrolled full or part-time in a matriculating program by an accredited college or university. Students are eligible for the discount for a maximum of 6 cumulative years.  For verification the following information is required at the time you join or renew – University Name, Expected Graduation Date and Degree Program.

Contact the ICEC president at to find out what requirements you’ll need to meet to become officially recognized.

For general information and CEC membership materials, contact CEC at 888.232.7733 or  TTY 866-915-5000 or e-mail