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Posted on: April 17th, 2020
🙌 Parapalooza!  🙌
Trauma-Informed Practices Townhall: Recovery & Re-entry
Printable SEL 1-Pagers in English and Spanish
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Taking Care of You
As our country wrestles with school closures and dedicated teachers who are, through no fault of their own, overwhelmed with the demands of remote learning –  it is time to turn to those talented individuals whom we have often sadly overlooked.

Let’s empower all adults to be part of our school’s recovery and re-entry plan, so together we can make sure no student falls through the cracks!

Parapalooza is an SEL, Trauma & Mindfulness training that cultivates the skills of your important frontline folks – those people whom are often the first to greet a student in the morning, or work 1:1 with kids throughout the day.

By cultivating your “bench” you will be able to take the stress off teachers as being the sole folks meeting students’ emotional needs when schools reopen – Empowering all adults in a school to meet students’ SEL needs, not just those who are leading a classroom.

  • Why: Preparing Schools for Post-COVID Recovery and Re-entry
  • What: Trauma-Informed Practices, Mindfulness, SEL & Well-being Training Certificate
  • Target Group: Classified staff, paraprofessionals, SPED, deans, counselors and teachers – so, All adults are empowered to address students’ emotional needs when schools reopen.
  • Delivery: Experiential, restorative (ie not ‘one more thing’ on people’s plates), upbeat, building connection and community.
  • Special Features: All participants receive a Certificate! Optional MA level credit available from Roosevelt University
  • How: 10 days, 3 hours a day + 6 hour implementation plan
  • When: Cohorts begin May 4th or June 8th
  • Fee: only $275/person – bulk discounts available!